THE AFRIFF MIX  …People, Programme, Place, Parties

THE AFRIFF MIX …People, Programme, Place, Parties

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By Ejiro Onobrakpo

Cool, dark, handsome and eloquent are a few words to describe Uzoma Onwuchekwa; the host of the first workshop of AFRIFF entitled: FILM MARKETING 101. The workshop was insightful and enlightening.

Onwuchekwa introduced the session by challenging the “4Ps” of marketing by adding a “5th”, PEOPLE; the factor that really determines whether you make it in film or not. “Don’t make a film because you have a great idea or script”,he charged. He enthused that if you must make a film, speak to a distributor first before you pick up a camera. 75% of the attendees, Nollywood stars, never thought a distributor were the most important person to consult before making a film; neither did I.



The statistics he presented were mind blowing. He broke down every aspect of film marketing: from what kind of movie to make to who the targeted audience were. He produced figures of how much films have made from the Nigerian theatre with Avengers topping the list and IJE topping the Nigeria films.




The varied screenings featuring movies from all over Africa, in particular,Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia, were also very well attended. There was something to suit every taste as the films in competition on the first day varied from thrillers from South Africa to a historical science fiction film from Ethiopia.



However, the highlight of the day was the Village Party at the Tinapa Lakeside Hotel after the packed day. Sponsored by Ciroc Vodka, attendees mostly comprised of filmmakers and industry insiders partied until the early hours of the morning.

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Photo Credit : Anuel Modebe

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