Screenwriting Lab

The aim was to become a landmark for generating tangible impact in young Nigerian screenwriters taking them from the story development to the realization of it – From Script to Screen. It is critical for Nigeria to “brand” itself with films that promote the culture, diversity, history and beauty of the country & its people. Certainly we do not expect only positive happy films, but we would like to see stories that are hopeful, inspiring, entertaining & balanced in their reflection of Nigeria and her people including universal themes that resonate with a majority of the world. This Lab focused on selecting between 12 short stories only to ensure maximum results. Of the 12 short stories 3 were selected and awarded at the end of the Lab with a monetary sum towards the realization of the film for presentation in AFRIFF’s next edition.

Sound for Film Lab

The aim was to reach students and ideally a wide variety of film production crew, sound technicians, sound mixers and producers in order to offer training in standard techniques to obtain the cleanest production sound possible within the local production standards – for “An immediate impact in Sound for Film”.

In addition, the lab exposed and trained participants in a worldwide standard post-production platform to further enhance production sound and fully impact the end result. The platform for this lab was ProTools by Digidesign/AVID – which is the most advanced music and audio creation and production software.

Digital Cinematography Lab

Many opportunities exist within the film and television industry in Africa, however most candidates do not have the practical or theoretical skills required to operate within these environments. In order to address this shortage of skill, it is important to offer a solid theoretical base coupled with sound practical skills, thus enabling them to be fully functional immediately.

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