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With so many entries and very few slots available it sometimes can become a daunting task to decide what to select and what to keep out. It was indeed a hard process. As we were inundated with amazing films from many parts of the continent.

This year’s programme works in many levels from Andrew Dosunmu’s dazzling array of rich colours in his visually pleasing Mother of George to Chika Anadu’s B for Boy a debut feature and realist drama that questions Nigeria’s gender divide.

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2013 Jury

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Mahen Bonetti

Mahen Bonetti is the founder and Executive Director of African Film Festival, Inc. (AFF), a non-profit arts organization founded in 1990. AFF showcases works of African filmmakers and develops ways to share the vision and culture of African film with American and international audiences.[/text-with-icon][/item][item id=”1402749351-2-46″ title=”Item”][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon=”steadysets-icon-email2″ color=”Accent-Color” icon_image=”2970″]

Shaibu Husseini

A widely travelled Culture/ film journalist and Critic, Shaibu writes for Nigeria’s flagship newspaper ‘The Guardian’. Reputed to be one of the most consistent documentarist of the Nigerian movie industry dubbed Nollywood, Shaibu is an astute commentator on arts and film development in Nigeria and the African continent.[/text-with-icon][/item][item id=”1402749351-3-91″ title=”Item”][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon=”steadysets-icon-cloud” color=”Accent-Color” icon_image=”2970″]

Balufu Bakupa Kayinda

Bakupa-Kanyinda is a writer and a poet as well as a film director. Balufu is a founding member and the current president of the African Guild of Filmmakers and Producers. He chaired the Short Film Jury at the 40th FESPACO (Pan African Film Festival of Ouagadougou) 2009.[/text-with-icon][/item][item title=”Item” id=”1402749569520-0-10″][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon=”linecon-icon-display” color=”Accent-Color” icon_image=”2970″]

Wale Ojo

Wale Ojo is the founder of New Nigeria Cinema. His aim with NNC is to create high quality films from Nigeria. He has a relationship with the British Film Institute for the screening of Nigerian films on a yearly basis. Wale is an accomplished actor who has plyed his trade for over two decades. He has acted in every major theatre in the United Kingdom and has performed in movies with Rowan Atkinson,Don Cheadle, Brendan Gleeson,Gill Scott and so on.[/text-with-icon][/item][item title=”Item” id=”1402903295019-0-10″][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon=”icon-glass” color=”Accent-Color” icon_image=”2970″]

Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan is a Nigerian actor and director. He is the son of the famous theater and film director and producer Ade Love. Afolayan majored in economics. and since 2005 he has been active in Nigerian film industry. He has made several extremely popular titles including: The Figurine: Araromire ,Phone Swap which featured Nse Ikpe Etim and the legendary Chika Okpala.[/text-with-icon][/item][item title=”Item” id=”1402903456843-0-2″][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon=”icon-glass” color=”Accent-Color” icon_image=”2970″]

Femi Kayode

Femi Kayode is the writer for a number of local and internationally produced films including “A place called Home”, “Nujoma: Where Others Wavered – Based on the autobiography of President Sam Nujoma of Namibia, “Thunderbolt”, “Keeping Faith”, “Reaching the Unreached – The Botswana Experience”.[/text-with-icon][/item][item title=”Item” id=”1402903500446-0-9″][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon=”icon-glass” color=”Accent-Color” icon_image=”2970″]

Hans-Christian Mahnke

Born 1978, political scientist Hans-Christian Mahnke, director of AfricAvenir Namibia, is a cineast working for the broader aim of an African Renaissance through the medium of film. As director and founder of the Namibian branch of the panAfrican organization AfricAvenir, he has been showing quality African films since 2004 at various places in Germany and Namibia on a regular and systematic basis, tackling challenges like distribution, screening culture and accessibility of African cinema to African audiences.[/text-with-icon][/item][item title=”Item” id=”1402903566062-0-10″][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon=”icon-glass” color=”Accent-Color” icon_image=”2970″]

Berni Goldblat

Born in 1970 in Stockholm, Berni Goldblat is a founding member of Cinomade with Daphne Serelle. An association based in Burkina Faso, whose objective is the creation and dissemination of advocacy tools, including film. As part of their activities with the association, they made thirteen films and numerous theater tours interactive debate in Africa.[/text-with-icon][/item][/carousel]

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