The documentary has a fair share of longueurs—and in this way, even as it is different from the many roads it shows, this Luciana Kaplan work is very much like an average human life.

Not to be confused with the Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan film of the same title, the documentary Rush Hour follows residents of Turkey, the US and Mexico and we are presented with some stats at the start of the documentary. The stats pertain to commuting and work.

Those two things might be the most important things humans in this age get up to. In Istanbul, we meet a woman who has to leave her children at home before heading to work.

In the US, we meet a man contemplating how he could be living elsewhere. In Mexico, a radio broadcasts news concerning crimes in the country and a working female narrator announces her fear. What unites these people is the managing of family life, work and the road between both.

Rush Hour is showing at the 2019 AFRIFF and is scheduled to screen on Wednesday, 13th November 2019.
Time: 2PM Screen: Filmhouse Landmark, Screen 5

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