Thank You!

On behalf of the AFRIFF Team, i would like to thank and acknowledge the support of our friends and partners, colleagues and contributors.

Firstly. we honour the great institution that has helped us achieve tremendous growth; Access Bank. We couldn’t have done it without them and their amazing management Team.

We are grateful to our development partners, the U.S Mission in Nigeria and The American Film Showcase facilitated by the fine gentlemen and ladies of the American Embassy and Lagos Consulate; Aruna Amirthanayagam, Russell Brooks, Bella Ndubisi and the rest of the team. We welcome the Japanese Embassy to the programme this year and look forward to a long term collaboration. Thank you to The British Council, for supporting our industry programme once again. We look forward to a more robust engagement once more.

To our dear patrons his excellency, Peter Obi and Herbert Wigwe, we are so grateful for your magnanimity and passion to build up others. We are especially indebted to Multichoice Africa for their continued support through DSTV and AfricaMagic, We are thankful to John Ugbe and Martin Mabutho for their immense support . We thank Tecno Mobile, and Landmark, for their magnanimity, Paul Onwuanibe and his team, working with you has been such a blessing. We are especially grateful to the cool folks at Filmhouse Kene and Moses for hosting our film programme in their brand new facility. We are really happy to welcome Heineken to the African film festival circuit and look forward to a mutually beneficial long term relationship, we are so glad to be associated with you.

To our sponsor and special colleagues at NVIVOTv, Don Omope, Victor, Dami and the entire team, we thank you immensely. Our special friends Joe Nazal and Ali Halawi, where would we be without your connects. Thank you for always giving our guests a great time and hosting us in great spaces. To Margaret Peter Obi, Nzan Ogbe, Ken Etete, thank you for all nurturing us and cheering us on, it wouldn’t be possible without you. We are grateful to our illustrious Jury; Our special guests; Phillip Noyce, Aml Ameen, film Industry Professionals, Panelists and Contributors, Training Instructors, Preselection committee and everybody who has contributed positively to this project from across the world.

To our programme partners the NFVCB and its indefatigable Execitive Director, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas, Isioma Idigbe Agba and Punuka Solicitors, Accelerate, Century Group its being such a pleasure working with you and we look forward to more possibilities again soon. A big thank you to all our media partners for keeping the faith, a special thanks to Tajudeen Adepetu and the SoundCity family. We are honoured.

Our army of volunteers, thank you for your passion and dedication to AFRIFF, we couldn’t have done without you.

Finally, to everyone who took the time to come out and participate, God bless you.!

Chioma Ude

Founder/Festival Director, AFRIFF.


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