[team_member image_url=”3946″ team_memeber_style=”meta_below” link_element=”none” color=”Accent-Color” name=”Tunde Babalola” job_position=”Script Writing Workshop” description=”Tunde Babalola is an international, multiple award-winning screenwriter who has worked professionally on three continents. After attaining a degree in Dramatic Arts, Tunde commenced his career in the UK, writing both comedy and drama televisions series for the BBC, Carlton TV, Channel 4. Notably his UK TV credits include In Exile, The Bill, Single Voices amongst others. His notable feature films are Critical Assignment, Alero’s Symphony, Maami, The Meeting, and the current cinema box office hit October 1. Tunde continues to turn out scripts across the genre board and also doubles as a script consultant/editor on numerous other teleplays and feature film screenplays. “]
[team_member image_url=”3950″ team_memeber_style=”meta_below” link_element=”none” color=”Accent-Color” name=”Rory Kilalea” job_position=”Directing Workshop” description=”RORY KILALEA is a programme Leader and Mentor at the University of West London for the METFILM SCHOOL, London and has taught filmmaking for over six years. He has been in Feature Films as Production Manager, Line Producer, Second Unit Director and Producer for most of the anti apartheid films shot in Africa and other films. He has directed International Commercials, African television programmes and documentaries. Rory is a passionate chap about encouraging young peoples’ voices in film. “]
[team_member image_url=”3947″ team_memeber_style=”meta_below” link_element=”none” color=”Accent-Color” name=”Rodney Victor Williams” job_position=”Cinematography Workshop” description=”Rodney Victor Williams graduated with a first class degree from Middlesex university. He has been a supervisor/teacher of digital film making for 4 Years at SAE institute London UK. His thesis practical is entitled ‘Red: Basics for film students’… It has been used by many students around the world as a reference video for
working with high definition digital cameras like the RED One and the Arri Alexa. After leaving SAE R. Victor has continued doing workshop lectures. Recently working with the NYFA over a four year period. Doing two
week workshops in segments during the year on digital cinematography and Guerilla Filmmaking. He represents a thorough voice as a filmmaker – understanding the entire digital production workflow but fundamentally the importance of the camera department and the language of lensing for Cinema.”]
[team_member image_url=”3948″ team_memeber_style=”meta_below” link_element=”none” color=”Accent-Color” name=”Segun Arinze” job_position=”Acting Workshop” description=”Segun Arinze is one of Nigeria’s high profile Actor who has been on the scene for nearly 30 years now. Even before the advent of Nollywood he carved a niche for himself. Segun broke into limelight and endeared himself in the hearts of Nigerians in the blockbuster movie Silent Night where he played the monster role of Black Arrow a name that has stuck to him till date. A versatile Actor trained at the dramatic arts dept of
Obafemi Awolowo university under American director and acting instructor Chuck Mike.(1986) A Singer, Voice over talent, a polyglot who speaks the 3 main Nigerian Languages, Producer, Director and talk show host of No Holds Barred back on air on Rave TV and an Entertainment Consultant. Segun Arinze is happily married to beautiful Julie a lawyer with Schlumberger and they are blessed with children. Segun Arinze is the former President of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria. “]
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