Filmmaking should pay your bills and be sustainable. This is a discussion on how to make that happen.

Examples of topics

  • How does casting affect your box office?
  • Contracts, Contracts, Contracts?
  • How does the filmmaker target and mobilize their global audience?
  • How soon in (pre) production should you target your audience?
  • Can a film marketing campaign truly be only social?
  • Where is my Audience?
  • What is the impact of simultaneous release on exhibition?
  • With more and more distributors coming on board with day-and-date, is there still a choice?
  • Based on recently published consumer analysis; what does this mean for the release of my film?
  • How should filmmakers navigate digital platforms?
  • What IP protections should filmmakers consider when partnering with a digital platform?
  • Are there content-genres that over or underperform in different revenue models?

Moderators/ Facilitators

  • Mnet
  • Endemol
  • Emem Isong
  • Chineze Anyaene
  • International Sales Agent ( Keith suggest?)
  • MIPCOM rep
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