Deconstructing the picture: the art of film criticism

Like, hate or be indifferent about Nollywood, one thing we have always agreed upon is that the astonishingly high level of public interest in this relatively new art form called film is as a result of its success.

For the high public interest in film to be converted into a growth industry with a unique selling point, it needs to be imbued in the art of cinema; allowing Nollywood to find that which differentiates it from other modes of cinematic expressions created around the world.

To achieve this, filmmaking needs to grow alongside the art of film criticism. For it is within the politics of making films and the subsequent feedback received from critics that new pieces of creative expressions are made.
Given the importance of film criticism in this overall process of filmmaking, the concept of a film critic is one that needs definition and clarity.

For if the purpose of film criticism is to give feed back on films made then this must surely go beyond giving some idea of the story of a film, the background of the pictures then the cliché of assessing weather a film is good, bad, or indifferent entertainment.

Rather, to write about films needs to be developed at a high level of film appreciation; one imbued in the history, art and techniques of filmmaking… without this writing about films and filmmaking will exist in a vacuum. This master class will be a conversation about the work and art of a film critic, the fundamentals of film appreciation and understanding of the difference and roles of a film reviewer and a film critic.


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