Course will deal with the untapped potential that exists in the marriage between African Literature and the
Cinema (Nollywood) vis a vis adaptations.

It will explore all aspects of book adaptations across different media, including film, TV and documentary. It
will discuss the evolution of literary adaptations for the screen and in detail the adaptation process from
acquisition of primary material to the exhibition of the completed film. It will also explore the intricate
relationship between writers and publishers on the one side and the team of filmmakers on the other side.

There will be presentations of case studies and an exploration of the copyright and legal process in addition
to the inherent challenges of the adaptation process from the creative and viewership ends of the spectrum.
The labyrinth of the distribution and acquisition of films based on adaptations both locally and internationally
will also be discussed, while more light will be shed on existing fun ding sources or co-production opportunities that are specifically tailored to film projects based on adaptations.


  • Why this book as a source material?
  • Is it successful in its primary form?
  • What genre will it fit in?
  • How do you know if the film rights are available?
  • How do you acquire film rights?
  • Does it have cinematic qualities – Defined Character, Related Desire, Engaging Conflict?
  • What is story fidelity?
  • What is an option?
  • To what is a filmmaker’s allegiance, movie or source material?
  • How do you navigate the legal demands of book or story acquisition?
  • Where is the market for adapted works?
  • Is an option all that I need from the writer or publisher?
  • How do you help an actor deal with the high expectations of an already established book character?


  • Jude Idada – Screenwriter/Playwright/Novelist – The Tenant, Coma, Oduduwa – King of the Edos
  • Fabian Lojede – Actor/ Producer – Jacobs Cross, Coma, October 1, Man on Ground
  • Yemi Akintokun – Director
  • Jane Maduegbena – Film House/Buni TV/Afrinolly (Akaraka)
  • Mukhtar Bakare – Founder, Farafina
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