Welcome to the 4th edition of the Africa International Film Festival

We are once again gathering to celebrate the amazing energy African filmmakers are bringing to the screens with films that thrill, the films that take us on a journey and the films about love, respect and dignity. Our selection this year is an array of feature films, some hard hitting documentaries and a generous selection of shorts representing over 20 countries from all the regions of Africa.

Our Opening Night film is The Square, an Oscar nominated documentary by the Egyptian filmmaker Jehan Noujaim.  This   is   a stunning film that charts the course of three years of Egyptian political upheaval that began 2011.   Our Closing Night film is a compact highly enjoyable kinetic action thriller.  The young South African director Zee Ntuli displays a mastery of the action genre with breezy performances from its main cast.

Amongst  the official feature competition there  are plenty of little gems to choose from  and they include, Gone Too Far,  an adaption from Bola Agbe’s Olivier award winning play set in London. Director Destiny Ekaragha’s outrageously enjoyable comedy focuses on two estranged Nigerian brothers as they meet for the first time.  Difret is  another  affecting feature debut  from Ethiopia  detailing the traumatic experience  of an Ethiopian girl accused of killing a man who had sexually abused her.  Nigeria is  strongly represented again this year with Tunde Kelani’s  Dazzling Mirage, Lancelot  Oduma  Imasuen’s Invasion and the much anticipated Kunle Afolayan’s October 1.

There is equally a feast of compelling stories in the shorts film category among which there is the African Metropolis presenting six short films examining the complexities of urban life from Abidjan, Cairo, Dakar, Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi.

In addition to the wide range of films, the festival also offers industry platforms from development to financing and from pitching and symposia on digital distribution and piracy.

We are aiming for a busy and exciting few days of doing business, networking and to celebrate and explore how digital technology can be used to create a new aesthetic in synch with the realities of today.  It is always a daunting task to go through all the submitted titles to fit in a programme that runs for only 8 days but I would like to congratulate and thank all the filmmakers for willing to share their films with us.   Our very small festival team has been amazing and I want acknowledge their dedication for this edition.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Tinapa, Calabar.


Keith Shiri

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