This skill acquisition and youth development initiative was conceived in response to several perceived problems surrounding today’s youth, particularly those that reside in the rural and urban areas in countries all over Africa. Due to the dearth of public infrastructure and the apparent lack of conviction by the governments of the various regions to invest in social developmental schemes, The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) has taken the gauntlet and created its own instrument as befitting institutional framework aimed at rejuvenating the intellects and providing veritable skill sets for the youth of Nigeria in particular, and Africa, in general, using film making as the vehicle.

We believe we can use this model for a revolution that will change the social and economical horizon of the African Film Industry, by providing wherewithal to the abundant talents resident in our communities. This initiative is predicated primarily on the provision of basic film making expertise, while building character and leadership skills through the provision of world class education by seasoned local and international instructors in key areas like,

Acting for Camera;
Script writing;
Visual Post Editing
Cinematography; and
Sound for Film

AFF HNGOT-127-003

From Its first edition, AFRIFF has provided FREE Training and Talent development opportunities for young people and aspiring filmmakers. In partnership with SOUND & MOTION STUDIOS and CITY VARSITY, Cape Town South Africa, AFRIFF has provided ground breaking education in Sound for Film, Cinematography and Screen Writing for over 200 youngsters and students. We have worked directly with students of the National Film Institute Jos, The Creative Arts Department of University of Port-Harcourt, PEFTI Film Institute Lagos, as well as other youngsters off the street.

AFRIFF TALENT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS provide beginners and Intermediate Courses for young people as well as master classes for more established filmmakers and professionals in the industry

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