This intensive 5 day acting workshop will expound on topics such as acting for beginners, improvisation, respect for acting, prepping the actor, physical, mental and vocal exercises, speech and diction as well as the actor’s thesaurus. The course will apply the techniques of some great acting instructors and theories like Constantine Stanivslasky, Viola Spolin, Robert Beneditti and Meisner Stanford to mention a few. It will be a rewarding and engaging time for the candidates. It will teach them to master their craft, empower and make them better actors.


The screenwriting course is spread over 5 days, all candidates will be expected to attend one film screening everyday, chosen by the instructor, during the festival as part of the requirement for completing the course. The workshop course will explore the art of screenwriting and the business aspect of being a scriptwriter. it will entail coming up with a gem of an idea, writing a logline and synopsis, writing a treatment, writing a scene-by-scene breakdown, film reviews and assignments. it will also explore the 3-act structuring of a script. commencement of writing a screenplay, the art of writing a screenplay, concluding a first draft, critiquing a first draft, script editing, feedback, second draft to final draft, copyrighting, the art of pitching to producers/directors, commissioned scripts versus spec scripts, the art of negotiating, the expectations of a screenwriter vis-a-vis a film production, the relationship between a screenwriter and producer/director etc.


Over 5 days this course will teach candidates the basics of DSLR filmmaking, with five main modules. Introduction to filmmaking and film cameras, Shooting for stills vs shooting for video, Grammar of filmmaking, Controlling & Changing screen direction, and External Elements which include Sound, Lighting, Storyboarding and Graphics. There will also be a practical assessment tied to the course

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