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Program Schedule

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 10am – 12 noon

Session 1: Creative Distribution

This session explores possible creative ways to get your film out to audiences all over the world.

Panelist: Kene Mkparu (Filmone/Fox Distribution), Uche Nwuka (BOI), Denis Pagnac (Summview)


12:30pm – 2pm

Session 2: Filmmakers and their works (Roadmap to a commercially viable Film Industry)

African Film Consortium (AFC) facilitated one day conference featuring panel discussions and the sharing of success stories on the use of film to support employment and advocacy for Africa’s development.

Panelist: Eric Kabera, Waa Musi, james Omokwe, Stephanie Linus, Sara Blecher

2pm – 3:30pm

Session 3: Policies and Institutions

The Do’s, Dont’s, How’s and Why’s of the African film industry. African Film Consortium (AFC) facilitated one day conference series

3:30pm – 5pm

Session 4: Film Festivals and Exhibitions

Discussing the role and importance of Film festivals and how filmmakers can best utilize the film festival circuit.

Panelist: Black Star International Festival, Luxor film festival, Cameroon International Film Festival, AFRIFF

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11am – 1pm

Session 1: Film Marketing 301- Box Office Success: Facts or Fiction?

What are the variables that affect a movie’s box office success? Many factors can determine the box office success of a film. This session seeks to explore the many potential factors that determine box office success.

Facilitator: Uzoma Onwuchekwa,

1pm – 3pm

Session 2: Copyright Concerns in 2016

Session aims to create better understanding of copyright in general and how it relates to the business of filmmaking, taking into consideration the key role of digital distribution in todays business model

Facilitator: Isioma Idigbe

3pm – 5pm

Session 3Lagos State Employment Trust Fund Loan Clinic.

Lagos State Employment Trust Fund was created to provide financial support for Lagos State residents for job and wealth creation and to tackle unemployment.  Akin Oyebode to discuss how to qualify for our schemes, share our plans for the creative industry and take questions from the audience.

Facilitator: Akin Oyebode

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”Wednesday, 16th – GDC, The Palms & Eko Hotel”]

10am – 12pm

Session 1: Color Grading and Post Production Masterclass

*Session will explore important notes about grading and when shooting, supporting the moods and storytelling and visual aesthetics and trends in US and Europe

Facilitator: Juhana Myllyniemi (whitepoint OY)

1pm – 4pm

Session 2: AFRIFF Alumni Engagement

Reunion, catch up and mentorship session for past students of the Afriff training workshops.

Facilitator: Ronke Macaulay


1pm – 5pm 

Session 3: South African Day – Eko Hotel

The South Africa Day’ will continue this edition with speed-dating sessions between Nigeria and South African filmmakers engaging to foster collaborations between two of Africa’s leading film industries

Facilitators: KZNFC, NFVF, South African Embassy

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”Thursday, 17th – GDC, The Palms”]

11am – 1pm

Session 1: Innovation Warehouse

Women in Cinema leading the way for the next generation through mentorship and opportunity creation.

Panelist: Bolanle Austin Peters, Rita Dominic, Omotola Jalade, Biola Alabi,


1pm – 3pm

Session 2: Kannywood Calling

This session will explore the production methodologies, distribution systems and major factors that influence filmmaking in Nothern Nigeria.

Panelist: Sani Mauzu, Ali Nuhu, Aisha Halilu

3pm – 5pm

Session 3: Creativity in Filmmaking with Canon.

A Masterclass session exploring the creativity and excellence in filmmakinga and photography with the canon DSLR cameras.

Panelist: Raul Gabat

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”Friday, 18th – GDC, The Palms “]

10am – 12noon

Session 1(a): Acting Masterclass – Poise and Grooming

Facilitator: Rita Dominic

Session 1(b): Directing Masterclass

Facilitator: Kunle Afolayan

12 noon – 3pm

Session 2: Social Justice Filmmaking Masterclass – (Afrinolly)

A four hour master class who would feature keynote conversations on how to merge evolving interests in filmmaking with a social justice issue.

Facilitators: Tom Nicholson and Nancy Cornwell (Montana State Univerisity)


3pm – 5pm

Session 3: Choiseul Africa Seminar

Interactive session between industry captains, business professionals and 2016 Choiseul 100 Africa participants. First-hand opportunity of networking a session which is anchored on the economic viability of Nollywood and African cinema in general.

Facilitators: Choiseul Africa


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